Thursday, September 9, 2010


The Decatur Book Festival is an event I'd always wanted to attend. For whatever reason, Andrew and I had never made it out there. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go check it out while Andrew was out of town. It was something that would definitely get me out of the house. And it turned out to be a beautiful day. Molly and I were trying to get there by 12:30 to see the Charlotte's Web puppet show. I thought that would be something she would enjoy because of the visual. We arrived at 12:35, and found that they hadn't started yet (yes!). Well, sadly it's because they were behind schedule and just ended up cancelling it. (Or if it was changed to a different time, no one could tell me when it would be...) So, I was pretty bummed, but knew that if I stuck around I would probably find some good deals on some books. This is probably my favorite thing to spend money on. Especially children's books....and especially children's books for Molly.
We did find some great deals on books....$4 hard-cover books. It's really hard to beat that. Another tent had 50% off all children's books. So, I got some for Molly & some for my class. I wouldn't say it was all I expected it to be, but I really can't complain about getting such great deals on books. And it was a nice mother/daughter afternoon.

Waiting in the tent for the (non-existent) puppet show to begin

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Molly calling...

Andrew was out of town recently, so Molly and I would call to say good morning. While she was "talking" to daddy, I decided to snap a picture. She's really interested in listening to that familiar voice on the other end, but still seems a little confused by it all. Her favorite thing to do is reach for the cord...and try to put it in her mouth. (surprise!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Molly's Dedication

August 15, 2010 Andrew and I, along with our family & church family, dedicated Molly. Many people have asked what that is exactly. It's basically our promise that we will do our best to raise her in a Godly home, with the help of God himself, and our amazing support team - family, friends, and our church.
We were so blessed that both sets of grandparents and Andrew's sister, Courtney, were able to attend. It was a special day. Here's what we you all can help us and so we can always remember what we agreed to do in raising Molly Marguerite Kirkpatrick.
Susan & Andrew, we invite you to recall your own baptism and, seeking to fulfill it's promises, give yourself in convenant to lead Molly toward discipleship in Christ.
With gratitude to God:
Do you receive this child as a precious gift from God, and seek God's grace and this community's support in nurturing and caring for her...
Do you covenant to remain faithful in love to your child...whatever the future may bring...
Do you promise to teach her the joy of the Holy scripture, The importance of worship, The duty to serve God's people, The responsibility of faithful stewardship, and the Blessing of Christian Community...
Do you promise before God and this community to so fashion your lives that your child may come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
I do, God helping me...
Andrew, myself & Molly with Rev. Erin during Molly's dedication
Grandpa, Nina, Mom, Erin & Molly, Dad, Aunt Courtney, Grammy & Granddad

Just us 3...Andrew, Susan, and Molly KP!