Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beach Bum

Ahhh...nothing like the sand between your toes...
Andrew and I spent the 4th of July in St. Petersburg. We saw that the Royals were in town to play the Tampa Bay Rays, so thought we'd take a weekend jaunt to see that, and catch some time at the beach.
Unfortunately, the Royals lost both games - pretty badly. The Rays are playing great baseball, and the Royals just aren't hitting. No offense is no good. The other thing is the Rays fans are not the smartest in that was annoying. They rang their cowbells every time there were two strikes, but no cows came home. The only thing they accomplished was giving people headaches. We definitely did not have a fever with a prescription for more cowbell...
The nice thing was our afternoon relaxing at Pass-A-Grille beach. We discovered it on our trip last year - it's out of the way, not very crowded, and is close to a very good grouper sandwhich. We did come away with a bit of a sunburn, but that's to be expected...right? :o)
It was nice to get away for a bit of time - and celebrate the 4th in our third city in three years. We'll see where next year takes us. . . but for now, we're off to Waco and Taos, New Mexico to visit with the families!