Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Play Ball!!"

Every year I anticipate the start of a new baseball season. This year was no different. Some may say I was even more excited. Back in the fall when the baseball schedule was announced, I realized that the Royals home opener would fall on the 2nd weekend of my spring break! In addition to the excitement of being at home for the start of baseball season (Andrew and I didn't make it to the K last year), we also got to be some of the first to see & explore the new stadium. Kauffman Stadium had $250 million in renovations in the off-season. It was a beautiful day for baseball & the "new" stadium is gorgeous! I have not been to all of the ballparks but it is definitely the prettiest I've ever seen! Too bad the Royals lost the game (& to the stinky Yankees). I told Andrew the experience of the new stadium with the loss was similar to seeing all the pretty packages on Christmas morning; opening them to find underwear!! But we are off to a pretty good start for the year (7-5)! Let's keep it up. Here are pictures of the stadium: Ok...pictures coming later. My photo uploader isn't working...
5/3/09 - Sorry it took so long...my computer had to be reimaged and I lost a few pictures that were on my laptop. But, here they are now... Also, the Royals are still doing very well 13-11 and in first place in the central division. Woohoo! Enjoy the pictures!

Welcome to the New K!!

First view of the field as you exit the escalators - perfect!

The new Pepsi Porch and Rivals Party Deck

View from the outfield of the press boxes

Fountains above the Pepsi porch all lit up at night

Andrew and I with the scoreboard - the crown is new this year.