Sunday, June 29, 2008

This just in...I'm in the right profession

Ok, so this has never happened to me, but I definitely fear that it will happen one day. Thought it was funny. Hope you get a laugh from it too. . Also, as much as I love my summer vacations, I'm at the point in the break where I'm ready to go back to work. Am I crazy?!!?? No, I just love teaching. I am full of anticipation and ideas about what my next year of teaching holds. I'm super excited about it! I'll be co-teaching again, but now that I know more about it, am looking forward to what it holds in store. . . Not much exciting has happened in the last few weeks. We've done a lot of house cleaning which is always a good thing! We're not done, but slow progress is good. We got to see R.E.M. for the 2nd time. They rocked it! That was a fun show to be at-it was their "home crowd." We cooked in the sun to see the Braves vs. Brewers game - just typical summer activities. It's been kinda nice to experience summer in Atlanta. The past few years we've been in Michigan while Andrew's in class. Andrew and I are about to venture on a few vacations in the next month. July will be busy, but that's ok with me. We're going to the beach and a few Royals games in Tampa for the 4th. And then our big Texas/New Mexico trip to visit with family. :o)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Celebrating 2 Years of Wedded Bliss in the Windy City

Doesn't seem like 2 years has passed since Andrew and I got married. Time flies when you're having fun. . . . A friend of mine asked if the 2nd year was easier. In many ways, it was, although I never want to go through comprehensive exams with a spouse again, and thank goodness I will never have to! Woohoo! We went to Chicago to help us celebrate. I guess we've started a little tradition of following the Royals for our anniversary. We were in Tampa Bay last year. So, we caught a few games, and it didn't go well. Royals aren't playing the best baseball right now. But, it was fun to experience a new ball park. I wasn't too impressed, though...nothing very special about it. Not a great view of the city (which I totally expected!), the food was not that great, nothing to make it stand out... it was just your average ballpark. But here with our with our smiles after the game. Another thing, we heard that R.E.M. was in town and had to go. It's Andrew's favorite band and, I was totally impressed with them. We saw them play Friday night, and it was awesome. I could've listened to them play all night. Which makes me really look forward to seeing them again in Atlanta! :o) As far as the city, we really just wandered, which is fine with me. There's a LOT to see, and it was free! We walked to Millenium Park the first day and had a picnic. Then we walked the Magnificent Mile to Navy Pier. Very beautiful architecture! After walking the pier, we took a water taxi to Sears Tower. There, we traveled the 103 stories to the top. I was a bit freaked out about the ride down, but we survived. The view was spectacular!! Another one of my favorites about Chicago was the old Marshall Fields. 9 floors of wonderous shopping...Heaven! I was just awed by the size of the place! I have no doubts that the next years of marriage to Andrew will be just as great - and we'll just have to wait and see where the Royals take us next June 3.